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Today, a colleague of mine had her students create an animal research report using a Word document.  The students were assigned an animal, given a list of questions to answer in paragraph format, and instructed to find an image to drag into the document. Although the assignment was an excellent one, the teacher forgot to provide her students with some critical information.  The students needed some guidance in terms of where to look for information.  The internet is an over-whelming place for students who are still developing web literacy skills.  

HERE is a list of copy-right free image libraries.  

Note: Although Google Images contains a large selection of photos, some are subject to copyright...and inappropriate for in-school use.  Provided you know how to adjust the Usage Rights filter and have an Internet filter, you should be okay.

Below is a list of sites to use for animal research.  Don't forget to check ahead of time that all of the animals you plan to assign are available on the site you instruct your students to visit:

Enchanted Learning (Primary)
Sheppard Software (Early Intermediate)
National Geographic (Intermediate)
ThinkQuest Animals - not as easy for students to navigate but includes great links for teacher-directed learning

Please post a comment to share any links you use for animal research.

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