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Today, I tried out a free iPad/iPhone app called Story Kit.  Story Kit allows students to create electronic books, using drawings they create on the touch screen or photos from a photo album.  You can also add text and/or narrate the story.  There is no need to upload anything. When you are ready to share the story, click on "Share" and your story gets its own url.  You can even email the story right from the Story Kit program.  I had my students dictate descriptions to go along with photos of treasure maps they created as part of our mapping unit.  The hardest part was waiting patiently for Drop Box to do its thing and load my photos.  After that, it was quick and simple.  I even managed to email the stories to the parents during class time! I can see this app being especially useful for creating field trip albums.

Please post a comment to share how you are using Story Kit in your classroom.

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