Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway!

Enter the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway for a chance to win over $1000 in Joy Cowley books and finger puppets!

Joy Cowley is a New Zealand born, award-winning author of novels, short stories, and children's fiction. The Joy Cowley collection offers shared, guided, and independent reading opportunities for students in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. Each book includes guided reading suggestions on the inside back cover, which is a huge timesaver for teachers and parents!

The books feature endearing characters, such as The Gruesomes and Huggles.

The Gruesomes are a family of ogres who live in a world inhabited by humans. 
Mr. Gruesome refers affectionately to his wife as "my little potato". 
Students will find humour in how the Gruesomes mess up their new house to make it into an ogre house. The Gruesomes dress as humans for Halloween but are surprised when no one finds their costumes scary.

Huggles is a monster-like character who is known for giving lots of hugs. One day he catches a cold and can't give hugs until all of the children help him feel better. Another time, he falls asleep in the school library and doesn't wake up until Saturday. He's rescued by the teacher, who comes to school on the weekend to pick up books.

Make sure to check out all of Cowley's character sets and enter to win a huge prize pack by clicking on the graphic below!

To celebrate beloved author, Joy Cowley, Hameray Publishing Group is sponsoring a giveaway until April 13th.  Good luck! 

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