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I am now officially addicted to my iPad!  Here are some more apps for classroom use:

Popplet $8.99/ PoppletLite FREE - This tool is useful for brainstorming, timelines, or as an alternative project or presentation format.  Students can add multiple "popples" containing text or photos or a combination of the two.  Popples can be connected to one another with a line and dragged around on the screen into a formation of your choice.  The free version allows you to email your creation as a jpg.  The paid version allows you to email your creation as a PDF file.  Despite the fact that the price is steep for the full version, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two versions.  Unless your creation contains multiple Popples (like the photo), you are fine to stick with the Lite version.

Drawing Pad $1.99 -- This is like Kid Pix or Tux Paint for the iPad.  Pictures can be saved to the photo album or emailed as a jpg file directly from the app.  There are free drawing apps available, but this one is worth the cost!

StoryPatch $4.99 - This is a great tool for kids who need to practice their writing, but don't want to draw a picture to go along with it.  Students can choose their own topics or choose from a selection of topics.  Beginning writers can make choices about their story and the app will generate the text.  More advanced writers can type their own text.  Both options allow the writer to import photos from their photo album or design a picture by choosing characters, scenery, and objects.  Stories are saved as PDFs that can be emailed directly from the app.

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