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Today, I'm linking up with Monica at I Heart Grade 3 for her Room Reveal Linky Party! I've been meaning to post photos of my classroom for a few weeks now, but once again the start of a new school year has gotten the better of me. I always forget how incredibly exhausting it is to get used to a new grade level and a new group of students!

Here's the view from the door (looking straight on).

Here's the view from the door (looking toward the right).

Here's a close up view of the far wall. You can see the beginnings of our immigration map.

We have a brand new curriculum in British Columbia, so I made posters to go along with all of the Big Ideas for each subject area. You can see our first term Social Studies Big Ideas in this photo. Click HERE to download your own Big Ideas posters.

This is a photo of the front of the classroom. You can see my Daily 5 book tubs underneath the whiteboard.

Here's the view from the opposite end of the classroom.

This is the view from my desk (looking toward the door). I originally had a table set up for small group instruction, but the students wanted a place to sprawl out during read alouds, so I reconfigured the space last week to look more like a primary classroom. 

This is my Homeworkopoly board. This game has been a staple in my classroom for the past several years.

This is the Hydration Station. I don't have a sink in my classroom, so it's really important for the students to remember to bring a full bottle of water each day.

This is where I house my Shape of the Day, Voice Levels, Fun Friday Points, and Behaviour Clip Chart. You can see the Clip Hall of Fame in the picture frame on the right-hand side.

This is my magnetic attendance board. 

These are the shared supply caddies. I'm not sure how much I like them. I prefer spinning caddies, but since I have desks instead of tables this year, I'm thinking these containers will be more practical.

This is a photo of the back of the classroom. The colourful tubs house my classroom library.

In this photo, you can see part of the library, along with the Daily 5 Choice Board.

This is where I store my math tubs (the numbered owl tubs on the shelf). Each tub has several math games and a smaller container holding cards, dice, and game pieces. On the left, you can see clipboards, dry erase pockets, and dry erase markers.

I had some parts of speech game pieces, so I hot glued magnets to the back to make a poetry space.

Here's the beginning of our Star of the Week area. You can find my Star of the Week pack on TpT.

Thanks for having a look around!


  1. Your room looks fantastic! I love how organized you are. The hydration station is brilliant! The colours are so nice and vibrant, and you are lucky to have windows and lots of natural light!

  2. Thanks Sidney! The room is especially bright because I removed the stained and wrinkled curtains ;)

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thanks for taking the time to link up! I love looking into other classrooms - especially those around Canada! You're personal touches are so great and I am with Sidney - your "Hydration Station" is brilliant!

    Thanks again for linking up!



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