BLC 11

Well, here I am in Boston. Actually, this is day three, and the eve of the much-anticipated BLC 11 conference, put on by November Learning. This is the first time I have travelled for work EVER in my eight years of teaching.

My co-worker and I arrived late Sunday evening after an extremely long day (two delayed flights) to find out the Park Plaza Hotel had given away our reservation for two double beds because we hadn't arrived at check in time. We were *not* happy campers, but agreed to a king size room, with a cot. After waiting until 11PM for the cot to arrive, we realized the room was much too small to house the cot. After more waiting (followed by A LOT of complaining to the manager) we ended up with a room with one bed and a couch, with the promise of two beds the following day. It was now midnight and we were too wired to head off to sleep. So, out we went. Then, after a mere four hours of sleep, we were off to Harvard for the EdTechTeacher conference.

My co-worker is curently out visiting with family, so I am sitting here in the lobby of the hotel. Did I mention there's no wi-fi in the rooms?! Maybe that's just a ploy to get us to network. It must be working because I've already met several people from the US and two lovely ladies from Victoria, of all places. Funny enough, I also ran into my school's former tech consultant, also from the Vancouver area.

I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow's sessions, having already attended a reception earlier this evening. I am ready to learn!

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  1. Hey Nicole! What an unfortunate set of circumstances. Hopefully things are looking up for you. Enjoy the conference!



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