Remembrance Day Assembly Ideas

A couple of years ago, my third grade students were responsible for hosting a school-wide Remembrance Day Assembly. Of course, when I say my students were responsible for the assembly, what that really means is that my teaching partners and I did all of the planning. Now that I've done it once, it wouldn't be all that daunting to have to do it again. 

Here are some ideas for hosting your own Remembrance Day assembly:

Display a slide show of “Peace is…” drawings on the screen as everyone is being seated.

Everyone enters quietly and sits down.

Student: “Please rise for the national anthem.”

O' Canada

Student: “You may be seated.”

Choose one of the following songs to be sung by a group of students:

We Love this Country
We Remember
Amazing Grace
Grant us Peace
Go now in Peace
We sing for the Children
A Song of Peace

Student: “In 1914, 100 years ago a huge war started.  This war was called the First World War.  Lots of people were hurt or killed in the war. “

Student: “A young Canadian solider named John McCrae wrote a poem. He wrote the poem because he saw bright red poppies growing in the fields where the poppies had been.”

Student: “He called his poem, “In Flanders Fields”.  People all over the world really liked the poem and started wearing poppies as a way to remember the people who had fought in the war.”

In Flanders Fields
Recited by a group of students

Here is an online version you can use for practice.

Student: “The First World War ended on November 11th, 1918. It was 11 in the morning on the 11th day of the 11th month.  The war had lasted over four years."

Student: “The 11th of November every year is now called Remembrance Day. After the war, people started making paper poppies to sell to help those who fought in the war."

Why Wear a Poppy (video) 
Student: “On Remembrance Day people wear a poppy and at 11am, they stop what they are doing for a minute of silence. They do this so they can think about all of the people who fought in the war.  These people are called veterans.”

A Pittance of Time (video)

Student:  “The last post and reveille were two of a number of bugle calls in military tradition which marked the phases of the day. “

Student: “Reveille was played to signal the start of a soldier’s day and Last Post meant the day was over. “

Student: “These two calls are used at Remembrance Day Ceremonies to say a final farewell to the soldiers, so they can rest in peace.”

Student: “Now, the Last Post will be played, followed by a moment of silence, followed by the Reveille."

(Last Post)
Moment of silence

Wreath procession

Remembrance Day
We wear a poppy

On Remembrance Day,

And at eleven

We stand and pray.

Wreaths are put

Upon a grave.

As we remember

Our soldiers brave.”

Student: “We would like to invite each class to lay their wreath.”

Highway of Heroes (video)
(audio playing during procession)

Little Poppy
Little poppy

Given to me,

Help me keep Canada

Safe and free.
I'll wear a little poppy,

As red as red can be,

To show that I remember

Those who fought for me.


Poppy we are but children small,

We are too little to do it all.
Children you may do your part.

Love each other is how you start.
Play without fighting.

Share your games and toys.

Be kind and thoughtful,

To all girls and boys.

Student: “We would like to invite all of you to help close our ceremony by singing a song with us.”

Kids Peace Song (video)

Closing remarks and dismissal

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  3. Thanks for sharing! I always run our school Remembrance Day assemblies and I love having new ideas!


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