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This week's featured teacher, Shelley, is a fellow Canadian who sells digital teaching resources at the TpT store, Northern Light. Shelley doesn't have a blog, but I am featuring her store because I learned that Shelley, who I know through a Facebook group for teachers,  is one of the many displaced residents from Fort McMurray, Alberta. Shelley recently lost her home to a devastating wildfire, and I know she could use the support of the teaching community.

Shelley's Story
On May 3rd, just two weeks ago today, my husband and I lost our Fort McMurray home of 28 years, as well as my son and his young family's home. We live(d) on the same street in an area that was especially hard. Many students whom attend the neighbourhood school lost everything.

Our beautiful city once again has come under siege from the fire named, "The Beast,".  Six thousand workers are currently being evacuated from the camps and sites, as this fire relentlessly continues it's journey of destruction.

The last two weeks have been dark times to say the least, but the light has been the generosity and kindness of Canadians towards our situation. These acts of generosity, whether they be a bottle of water, a meal, or fuel- given during evacuation, always bring me to tears.

Recently, my fellow TPT sellers have brought me to my knees. These sellers do not know me, or of me, for my store is very, very small. Yesterday, I was sent donations from TPT sellers whom are complete strangers. Today, I received feedback on an item - and I'm guessing it is a TPT seller supporting my store. Although this fire is far from being under control, looking for these 'lights' will make me eternally grateful to all Canadians and my TPT colleagues. Once we are on our feet again, I will pay it forward. Thank you so much to my TPT family.

How long have you been working in education? 16 years

What have you taught? I've taught grades one and two. Prior to teaching, I was an Educational Assistant with special needs children in grades K, 1, 2, and 6.

What is your favourite part about teaching? My favourite part about being a teacher is learning from my wise students.  They teach me something every single day.

What is your best advice for a beginning teacher? Recognize that you will not have all of the answers, and you never will.  Try your best to seek what you need for your students but also ensure that you take care of yourself.  Easier said than done but something we all strive for.

Shelley would like to share her Individual Reading Assessment Records from her TpT Store. You can download the file by clicking on the picture below.

If you download this freebie, don't forget to leave Shelley some feedback for her generosity. You can do this by clicking on "My Purchases" and finding the download in your "Free Downloads" tab. 

Thanks, Shelley, for participating in this week's Teacher Feature. In light of everything Shelley and her family are going through right now, I am honoured that Shelley found a few minutes to answer some questions for this blog post.

If you want to help those who have lost their homes and belongings, you can donate to the Red Cross Relief Fund for the residents of Fort McMurray. If you want to help Shelley and her family directly, please visit Northern Light to see if there's anything you would like to purchase for your classroom. I know that Shelley and her family would appreciate your support during this difficult time.


  1. Thank you so much for your support. The kindness and compassion we've been given is the light ✨ during these dark times.


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