Day 8 (Yes, I skipped Day 7's photos)

View from My Desk

I'm waiting for some help from the janitors to put some nails into the white board for my Morning Message chart paper and "Shape of the Day".  Everything to the right of the "Information Hut" and to the left of the door belongs to my co-teacher and has yet to be set up.
View from the Door

The white table will soon be replaced by a low, round table.
Homeworkopoly...the letters were bugging me, so I switched them out for a typed sign.

To the left is the beginning of my "Reading Safari" ribbons.  I saw a similar idea somewhere in blogland and I am attempting to recreate it.  I'll post a close up shot on Thursday after I finish working on it.
Theme Wall

We begin the year with an under the sea / mapping unit, which lends itself well to pirates and treasure maps.  I still need to finish up the invertebrate display down below.  The two green tubs house my "Rocket Math" materials.
Grammar Chart
I hung this poster with ribbon and binder clips to make it easy to switch out every week.  I'm not sure what kind of wall this is, but it's pretty much impossible to secure things to.

Calendar Area & Reading Strategies Beanie Babies

My calendar questions, weather graph, birthday graph, and tooth tally are to the right, on the front of the light blue poster cabinet.  The red place value pocket chart at the bottom of the calendar is for keeping track of the number of days we have been in school.
Behaviour Clip Chart...Thank you ProTeacher for the wonderful idea!

To the left of the clip chart is the poem we will practice during Morning Meeting.  I will use the whiteboard for "Happy Helper" names. 

Hallway Display

I know most teachers do a welcome board, but I plan to put something on the back of my classroom door instead.  These are letters written to my new group of students from last year's grade 2s.

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