First Annual Canadian Postcard Exchange!

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Please Note: This is my spin on an American postcard exchange I saw online. If you're the original creator of this exchange, please comment below, so I can give you proper credit.

Canadian Postcard Exchange

Please read carefully to ensure you wish to participate.  If you cannot commit to this project, please do not sign up!

This exchange is open to Kindergarten to Grade 5 teachers across Canada. I will be accepting two entries from each province and territory. To sign up, please click here.  Please check below to see which provinces and territories are still available. This exchange will be on a first come, first served basis.

Supplies Needed: 25 postcards, 25 stamps, and 25 labels  You will receive 25 postcards in exchange.

Here’s how it works: Compose the postcards with your students, so that they contain unique information about your province or territory, as well as information about your school and city. You are welcome to do this in any manner you choose, but in the past, I have done it as a shared writing activity which I type (and project on the interactive board). I then print and assemble the postcards, which the students decorate. 

It is up to you how you want to use the postcards you receive. I plan to save mine for our communities unit and mark the location of each postcard on a map. Another fun idea is to look up the addresses of each school on Google Maps!

This exchange DOES cost money. Plan to pay for your postcards, stamps, and labels.  

Once you have signed up, you CANNOT change your mind, as other classes will be expecting your postcards to arrive.

I will prepare labels with each participant's name and address and email you the file in September.  You will need to print them out and attach them to the postcards. All postcards should be mailed out by the end of November 2013.

Province or Territory Teacher
1. British Columbia
2. British Columbia
3. Alberta
4. Alberta
5. Saskatchewan
6. Saskatchewan
7. Manitoba
8. Manitoba
9. Ontario
10. Ontario
11. Quebec
12. Quebec
13. New Brunswick
14. New Brunswick
15. Nova Scotia
16. Nova Scotia
17. Prince Edward Island
18. Prince Edward Island
19. Newfoundland & Labrador
20. Newfoundland & Labrador
Mrs. Andersen
Mrs. Leyne
Mrs. Hanna
Mrs. Seip
Mrs. Schiller
Mrs. Liebrecht
Ms. Prescott/Ms. Drews
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. van Rees
Ms. Blanchard
Morah Elyse

Mrs. Atkins
Mrs. Allen
Mrs. Jeffers

21. Yukon
22. Yukon
23. Northwest Territories
24. Northwest Territories
25. Nunavut
26. Nunavut

If you have any questions before signing up, please comment below.


  1. Thanks for organizing the postcard exchange. I signed up. As well, I am moving from grade 1 to 2 this year, so I have lots to learn. I can see from your blog that I can learn lots from you. Thanks for all the sharing you do. I'm looking forward to exploring your site.

  2. Thanks Emilia! I also moved from grade 1 to grade 2 (five years ago)

  3. This is great. I wish I had seen it sooner. I would have loved participating. I am from BC and the spots are all taken.

    There is a BC blogger meet up being planned for August. It is in Coquitlam. Here is the link for the facebook group that has been set up. Please spread the word if you or any other BC teachers that blog or are on TpT would like to go, Shelley is trying to get the word out. I am hoping to go and I would love to meet you.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

  4. Thanks for sharing, Charlene. I joined the Facebook group (but my Facebook last name is different from my blogger last name).

  5. Hello!
    Can you resend the addresses for the postcard exchange?


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