Monday Made It...on a Monday?!

I'm on time! Actually, I made these goodies last week and just couldn't find the time to blog about it! I'm finding it harder and harder to pull out my laptop these days (especially since my baby wants to "help" with the typing). So, here I am, posting from my iPad. I generally prefer to do things that require a lot of typing or formatting with my laptop, so we'll see how this goes! Edit: I ended up switching to my laptop.

Made It #1: Cute clips for hanging student work 
My inspiration for this came from a few different places. I've been seeing glitter clips all over Pinterest, as well as the ones with the thumb tacks glued to the back. I decided to combine the two and add a polka dot button for my "Good Work Spotted" display.

Made It #2: Pencil Buckets
I found the labels somewhere in blogland, but I can't remember who shared them. The buckets came from Target and were a whopping 50 cents each! So, of course, I had to buy six of them. I haven't decided yet what I might do with the remaining four. 

Made It #3: Word Wall Headers (from Erica Bohrer's TPT store)
All I did was print, laminate, and cut these out, but I can't wait to use them on my new Word Wall. When I can finally get into my classroom. Which I'm dying to do.  Hurry up, cleaners!

I've also been laminating and cutting like crazy to put together my clip chart and CAFE board. I have, what feels like, a million projects on the go, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed since I'm moving into a new classroom and haven't been able to unpack my boxes or set up any furniture. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to get into my room on Friday. 

Just a reminder, if you are visiting my blog for the first time, that I am hosting a Canadian Postcard Exchange. I still need participants from a few provinces and all of the territories. Please read last week's post for more details!

I'm off to have a look at all of the other Made It Monday projects, before I, inevitably, head to the dollar store to load up on more supplies! 


  1. AHHHH! I have to have those buckets!!! So cute:) Love your clothes pins with buttons:) Thanks for linking up:)

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